Paperless Office in Manchester

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Document Storage in Manchester City Centre

The vision for many an aspiring head of IT or Office Manager is the holy grail of the Paperless Office, yet in 2013 the vision remains no more than a dream – at least for now.
Many businesses continue to function in environments cluttered with documents, files, dated records and filing cabinets – used infrequently, too valuable to dispose of and part of our everyday. Is this a needless intrusion that we have become accommodating of? Or is there a solution that can deal with the consequence whilst the cause remains part of our everyday life?

Every business now surrounds itself with tech – laptops, desktops and even tablets and mobile devises, churning out a daily barrage of paper. Clearly some of these documents quickly find their way to the recycling bin, but what about the important stuff? Legal and tax files, customer and staff records, company records, the list goes on…

Does the above sound like you and your business? Maybe its time to do something about it?

Storage has a specialist service in which you can securely file away your documents either short or long term. This in a room only you can access, purpose built for Storage and one you can come and go from as often as you like – round the clock. For City Centre based businesses our location can be invaluable, offering a 30-minute round trip from Albert Square.

Typical units start at 25 square feet, plenty enough space for 40 robust document archive boxes (which we can provide) and as your needs change so can the space you occupy. Our flexible contracts mean that you only pay for the room you need.

So Heads of IT, Office Managers and Business leaders alike rejoice, the answer is available to you and only a phone call away 0161 274 4777 Talk to our Customer Service Team today and make the first steps towards your dream!

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