Pricing Overview

It is the aim of Storage World to provide its customers with good value for a great experience. In order to achieve this, we try to understand your need fully and match it to the best value solution.

Our facilities have multiple room choices, differing rates of occupancy and seasonal demand. This means our dynamic pricing model can vary a little and certainly across the wide range of unit size codes we have available.

Every customer’s need is different and also every storage or workspace need. How items are stored, the duration of stay, how often customers plan to access and availability are all significant drivers when calculating the best use of space. For example, not all our size codes are the same shape. We choose to manage each customers needs individually as follows: –

  • We initially explore the circumstances behind your need
  • We examine these needs and align them to the best profile of individual unit
  • We assess any additional needs you might have and haven’t considered
  • We explore your need for transport, packaging materials, assistance
  • We review our current occupancy and match this to the best value available unit


The listed rate for each unit is determined by the floor space. The better the floor space can be utilised, the smaller space you need and resulting cost – use the vertical space and save money.

Pricing is demand-based and subject to availability – best to speak with a Storage Adviser who will match you to the best value unit and offer for your needs. 

Small units and lockers

  • Start at £10 per week
  • Garden shed sized units £15 to £20 per week
  • Garage sized units £25 to £40 per week

Business Solutions

  • Start at £25 per week
  • Offices from £55 per week
  • Vehicle parking from £25 per week

Storage Boxes are £3 each and often subject to a discount if bought in multiples. You can view and download our box shop price here.

Whats included?

Well the simple answer is almost everything, specifically: –

  • 7-day access to your own individual unit that only you have access to
  • Piece of mind that your items are held within a secure space, purposely built for storage
  • A bright, modern environment
  • Use of trolleys or pump trucks to manoeuvre your items from transport to room
  • Free parking when visiting the store
  • Access to the management team who man the store 7-days a week

The average pricing for storage differs across the UK. Property costs in the South and Cities tend to be greater than more rural locations. Most customers select a storage provider that’s close by. This could be close to their home, place of work or commuter route.

If a customer obtains a quote from a like for like competitor but would prefer to use our facilities, we provide the following price match guarantee:

  • A copy of the quote must be provided in writing
  • The quote must be dated and current within the last 14-days
  • The competitor must be based within a 5ml radius of our facilities
  • We do not price match insurance products

Special Offers

We try to ensure every customer offer is special. We work in an industry that provides short term incentives to move in, typically high move in discounts that escalate quickly to a full rate. This is fine if your need is short term. However many people choose to store for a number of weeks, months and even years. Our commitment is that we will help all our customers navigate their needs and be matched to the best value offer.

The most popular is that Storage World provides, a dedicated, fit for purpose converted warehouse. This means that the items you store are secure and protected from the elements in a modern, clean environment. These are often multi-million-pound facilities with state of the art security, systems and processes. Your unit, to use as you wish and access when you require.

Price & Quality

Our aim is to provide a high quality solution to all customers. Initially customers can be focussed on price, which we understand. We go to great lengths to provide a competitive, fit for purpose cost to all the solutions we provide. At the same time, we explore a number of factors that sit behind cost that are equally important: –



Unit Size

Access and Parking



Other Costs


Each Storage World unit is secured by our customers with a padlock. This can be key or combination controlled and only you have access. For convenience, padlocks along with all manner of packaging materials are available for purchase in our Box Shop Receptions.

Contents Insurance

Storage World is fully insured at a property level, however, cannot anticipate the exact contents of a customers storage unit. As such we provide a separate content insurance policy that we match to each customers exact new for old replacement value of goods. This provides you with extra piece of mind. Contents insurance is extremely affordable and often a fraction of typical home contents insurance costs. A typical 3-bedroomed property goods in the UK have an average insured value of £35,000


A security deposit is payable at the point of move in and refunded at point of move out. The amount typically starts at £25 and increases as the unit size increases.

Storage World Price Match Guarantee

If a customer obtains a quote from a like for like competitor but would prefer to use our facilities, we provide the following price match guarantee:

  • A copy of the alternate quote must be provided in writing and not verbal
  • The quote must be dated and current - within the last 14-days
  • The competitor must be based within a 3ml radius of our facilities
  • The services, standards and security levels of the competitor must be comparable
  • We do not price match against alternatives such as shipping containers and valet storage
  • Price matching only applies to units of 200sqft or less and subject to availability
  • Where your chosen store has no availability, we will try to offer the exact unit size at one of our other stores
  • The price match will be guaranteed for no more than 26-weeks, thereafter reverts to our standard rate
  • We do not price match insurance products
  • Speak to one of our Storage Advisers to learn more and to reserve your space

Space Guide

Our handy size guide below helps you visualise some of our small to medium units.

25 square foot storage container
25 sq ft

Similar in size to a Garden Shed A large car or small vans worth of stuff Up to 60 archive or medium boxes. Find out more here

35 square foot storage container
35 sq ft

The contents of a one bedroomed flat A typical vans worth of stuff Up to 100 archive or medium boxes

50 square foot storage container
50 sq ft

The contents of a 1-2 bedroom flat Half a typical garage in size Up to 125 archive or medium boxes

75 square foot storage container
75 sq ft

The contents of a 1-2 bedroom house Two full van loads of stuff Up to 175 archive or medium boxes

100 square foot storage container
100 sq ft

The contents of a 2 bedroom house Three full van loads of stuff Up to 225 archive or medium boxes

150 square foot storage container
150 sq ft

The contents of a 4 bedroom house Five full van loads of stuff Up to 350 archive or medium boxes

200 square foot storage container
200 sq ft

The contents of a 5 bedroom house Seven or eight full van loads of stuff Almost 500 archive or medium boxes