Planning Storage

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How a little storage planning really helps

When preparing for a holiday, some people pack their case as if it’s a military exercise; others throw stuff in, jump on it and force closure! We find the same can happen with the people who use our storage facility. So, without actually getting into uniform and making you do twenty press-ups, we thought the following might prove useful to you in making the most of your available space.

Eight questions to ask when preparing…

  • Have you invested in quality boxes and materials? They do offer better protection for your treasured or valuable items
  • Is each box as full as possible? Partially-filled boxes can collapse and cause damage to the contents
  • Do you consider the weight of each box? Heavier items in smaller boxes help prevent that unwished – for hernia!
  • Have you labelled? You wouldn’t believe the number of people who are confident in their memory – until it’s too late to check
  • Have you used “care” reminders? For your own future benefit, it’s wise to mark “fragile” or “keep this way up” where necessary
  • Are your clothes “wardrobe-stored”? We can provide wardrobe boxes to help keep your fashion items in prime condition. Vacuum-storage is another useful option with clothing
  • Are you disassembling the unwieldy? To make best use of the valuable space, it’s often best to break down awkwardly-shaped items into their component parts
    Did you use bubble wrap? Not just for your precious stuff stored inside boxes, but also to protect expensive items of furniture and the like from those inevitable knocks

    Five quick keys to follow when storing…

  1. Create a floor plan as you store – so you always know where to find what you later need
  2. Provide a good base to your stacks with heaviest and bulkiest items at floor level
  3. Stack right up to ceiling level – do make maximum use of the available space
  4. Plan to keep those items you might need to retrieve the soonest closest to the door
  5. If you can, leave a walk-space to help you on future visits
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