Protecting Your Items in Storage

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We all have items that may not fit in our homes anymore, but that are still items that we don’t necessarily want to throw away. Perhaps they were a significant investment at the time, have sentimental value or may be of use in the future – it can be difficult to know where the best place is to store these items so that you can be 100% sure that they are safe and will be just as you left them when you come to need them again. You may even have business supplies that are no longer needed in your work space that have future use but are just currently taking up space.

It’s for times like these that storage units really come in handy, whether you are storing items for a week, months or even years. Self-storage units can keep your items safe and secure, in a clean and easy-to-access environment that is also conveniently located close to your home or workplace.

However, although self-storage units provide the perfect solution, it is hugely important that you look into several things before deciding on a storage provider and unit in order to ensure your items will stay safe in storage.

In this blog we outline the main things you need to be aware of to protect your items in storage.

Transporting items

Getting your items from point A to point B seems easy enough, but there are a few things to think about when transporting your belongings to a storage locker. The first thing being correctly boxing, wrapping up and protecting the items that you want to store.

When all of your items are packaged and put into a van then transported into your storage locker, boxes often get stacked up. Stacking items high can actually leave your property at risk during the transportation process. We recommend ensuring that any boxes are securely taped together and stacked with the heaviest on the bottom. This lessens the risk of gravity taking course and squashing your items both on route and when in your storage locker. Storage World can help with your packaging materials as not only do we sell packing boxes but we also have bubble wrap, mattress protectors, sofa and chair protectors, clothes boxes and more to aid you in the safest possible transportation of your items.

Another thing to be aware of is who you trust to transport your items from your home or business to your storage locker. If you’re considering entrusting this to a company then there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Transparency with the removal company around what items are being transported and their value
  • Insurance – be sure to use an insured firm
  • Identify any specific items that the company and team need to be aware of. If they are in boxes, ensure that those particular boxes can be identified as requiring special attention by the team
  • Use a reputable firm – read reviews and ensure they are a trusted company

Here at Storage World we’re partnered with highly recommend and trusted transport companies in the local area to ensure your items are moved safely. Simply get in touch with our team of experts who will be happy to provide the contact details of recommended removal services in the Manchester area.


The big worry when storing your belongings somewhere other than on your property is theft.

Here at Storage World security comes first for us and we ensure your items are safe round the clock. All of our storage units are built from secure materials, have constant CCTV surveillance and all of our security systems run 24 hours, 7 days a week. Each unit is individually and securely locked, with only yourself as a key holder. We also have trained security personnel on site, along with fully-equipt alarm systems in the very unlikely event that our facility comes under any possible threat.

Water damage

When it comes to storing your belongings, there are certain factors that you may not think to take into consideration when protecting your items from damage. The one that seems to slip everyone’s mind is when storing furniture, stock, vehicles, important documents, or anything else of value or importance, protecting them from water damage needs to be one of your main focuses. Looking into where your chosen storage facility is located can be a big help in making sure there is no high risk of flooding. Storage World understand that this is an important threat to be aware of and have built all of our storage units with the most robust materials to ensure they are all watertight so no water damage can come to you items.

Keeping your items in top condition

The climate inside your storage locker is something people often don’t think about being an issue, but if a locker isn’t regulated then there is a possibility of mold growing on cardboard and paper products. Packing accordingly can help prevent this, but here at Storage World all of our lockers have a controlled airflow and top ventilation for those items that need preservation. We check these systems regularly to ensure that no harm or damage comes to your items. Our storage units are also built using galvanised steel, as this material does not hold moisture or dust that could get into your storage unit, as this could be harmful your items.

Knowing exactly what’s in your storage unit

Knowing exactly what is in your storage locker will be a great help if in very unlikely circumstances your items were stolen or damaged. Keeping a full inventory with details of each item and how much it is worth comes in handy for insurance purposes, and including serial numbers on any electrical items will make it easier to settle an insurance claim if your belongings are stolen or damaged.

When you hire a storage unit at Storage World, we offer storage insurance for your items to ensure they are covered for any unfortunate circumstances that may occur. Give us a call to see how we can help with your storage needs.

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