Quality Self Storage – The Difference

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An increasing number of people are turning their backs on loading sheds, lofts and garages with boxes and instead are wising up to the benefits of quality self storage facilities.

Life can throw up many reasons for needing to hire storage space; selling your house, inherited furniture, downsizing, summer storage for students, going travelling, or even just having a few home improvements done. Knowing that your possessions are safe, clean and securely stored is a great weight off the shoulders. Self storage can work for businesses too – wholesale supplies, stock movement or simply a stockroom for a home business, the benefits and uses of a storage unit are clear, but the peace of mind that comes with it is something that is more personal that cannot be given a numerical value.

If you have ever stored your artificial Christmas tree in the shed, then come back to it 11 months later to find it covered in dust, cobwebs and other, unidentifiable shed-debris, you’ll already be able to see the benefit of a self-storage unit for some of your more valuable and bulky items!

Let’s take the example of putting your house on the market. It is common knowledge that most buyers are looking for spacious, airy homes, a clean blank canvas to make their own, and meeting the buyers brief becomes instantly more achievable with the use of a self storage unit. By streamlining the possessions in your home and making those piles of DVDs and winter clothes magically ‘disappear’, your home will appear lighter and bigger – huge selling points in the housing market. Of course, your personal items haven’t ‘disappeared’, they are stored in a clean, safe environment. Your bags of winter clothes are not getting damp and musty in the garage or shed, your piles of unused vinyl records are not exposed to the elements in the garage or loft – they are all kept in a secure, appropriate quality storage unit and you can access them any time you want.

A lot of people do not realise that using a storage unit isn’t like a long-term savings account, you can add, remove, change and use things from your storage unit every day – just think of it as an extension to your home! The bonus is that this extension is not exposed to kids sticky fingerprints, a leaky conservatory roof or an over excitable or unruly pet!

A professional, quality storage unit will protect your possessions from the elements and from any little accidents at home as well as keeping them safe, clean and protected. For just a small amount per month, you may be able to park the car in the garage again, or actually have guests to stay in the spare bedroom! Whether your need be business or personal, long-term or short, big or small, a self storage unit can give you not only space, but also freedom, flexibility and peace of mind.

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