Retailer Christmas Stock Storage

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As the last hints of summer disappear over the horizon, there’s one thing you can be sure that’ll be arriving on your TV screens pretty swiftly – in fact they seem to arrive earlier every year – Christmas TV adverts.

As parents start to worry about stocking up with presents for their loved ones, retailers start to worry about stocking up with products for consumers to buy as the mad rush towards Christmas begins to build momentum. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the manager of a department store or a sole trader running a market stall, the run up to Christmas is the best time of year to secure a tidy profit and if you haven’t got enough stock to sell, then you’re going to miss out on some essential revenue.

Naturally, the main headache concerning a sudden increase in stock levels is finding somewhere to store it all. If you store it in-house, are you going to have enough room? If you use a warehouse, are you going to go over your normal quota and incur extra charges? Even if you booked your warehouse space in preparation for the holiday season, has this meant your area has remained half-empty for the rest of the year? What’s the point in paying for empty space?

The best solution to your yuletide storage needs is to enlist the help of a storage company. Even if you only need them for a few weeks you’ll find there’s no need to enter into lengthy contracts as you only book the space you need for as long as you need it. Once your stock levels are back down to a level you can comfortably manage you simply close down your space and return to your normal storage means.

If your company is situated within the Manchester area and you’re already worrying about your forthcoming extra storage needs, give Storage World a call on 0161 274 4777. Conveniently located on the edge of the city centre, they have a modern, purposely constructed and secure storage area where you can leave your excess stock until you need it. Storage World offer flexible terms designed to suit whatever your business needs, so get in touch to see how they can help you.

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