Safe Self Storage

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How to stay safe when storing

It is easy to take risks when storing all of your belongings in one small space. Whether through lack of time, poor planning or the sheer amount of items being stored, safety can easily be put at the bottom of the priority list or entirely forgotten about when it comes to Self Storage. At Storage we want the best storage experience for every customer, so before you start using the self storage facility, it is worth thinking ahead.

Choose the right room size

Before you begin the storage process, think realistically about the room size you need to hold all of your items. There is little point in choosing a room that is too small for your needs and cramming too much in when space becomes tight. Be realistic about the space that you need to avoid things getting out of control.

Use the right storage boxes

Make sure you choose small boxes to pack heavy items, like books and large boxes for light items like pillows. This will make the process of lifting and carrying boxes easier and safer. Don’t overload your storage boxes, as this can result in unstable stacks of boxes and objects falling out or being crushed.

Mark the stacking direction

When storing items inside boxes, it is possible to forget which way up the box should be stored. With heavy or breakable objects, this can become even more of a hazard if the box has not been adequately sealed with packing tape. To avoid any nasty accidents, make sure you mark the stacking direction of all your boxes by drawing a simple arrow on the side of each box.

Use a folding step stool

We often try to cut corners by attempting to reach up to the highest storage box, but to be on the safe side, it is best to use a folding step stool to avoid any boxes toppling over. If you want to avoid stepping up and down repeatedly, make sure that you have labelled each box and created a map so that you know where every item is in the room.

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