Self-storage advice for downsizing your home

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With moving house to a significantly smaller property comes the stress of deciding what to do with your belongings. Often, there are many bits and pieces unused for years that you dread throwing away, as well as personal items that you know you’ll use in the future but don’t necessarily need at the moment. Self-storage is the perfect solution when it comes to downsizing. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Save family heirlooms

When moving house, it’s typical that you’ll come across many precious items that have been passed down through the generations that simply can’t be discarded. Hiring a self-storage unit means that you still have access to them and can allow family members to come and take a look at them whenever they choose.

2. Doubles as a garage space

If you decide to by an apartment or a terraced house, the chances of owning a garage are very slim. Hiring a self-storage unit means that you can store tools, bicycles and garden equipment safely and securely. The likelihood of using these items during the winter months is highly unlikely, and therefore they won’t be missed too much anyway.

3. Organisation

When downsizing, making sure not to clutter is hard when you have so many items to accommodate. The living space can looked cramped and untidy, and it may be hard to place your hand on things you desperately need. Organisation is the key. Self-storage allows you to be free of unnecessary clutter when you move to your new property and buy furniture and homewares that suit the space.

Choosing a self-storage facility for your Manchester downsize

If you are local to Greater Manchester, come and pay us a visit to see what we have on offer. We are centrally located, near Manchester city centre. With homes in Manchester having a selling rate of two weeks ahead of the UK average [], it’s clear that there are plenty of people looking to change their homes and relocate in our fantastic city. If you’re headed closer to the centre of Manchester, then downsizing is even more likely – giving you an even better reason to call us today to keep hold of those precious items in a safe, flexible storage facility.

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