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When assessing a Self-Storage company many profess to be cheap or the lowest price guaranteed in the area, but can this be true? And even if it is, what should you consider when weighing up the difference before selecting where to store your possessions?

So you are looking for “cheap storage in Manchester” if you are, the details of this blog will prove useful and provide an insight into the variety of factors you should consider. Price is one of a number of factors, but so too the terms and conditions, access, location, convenience, feel good factor and so on, all of which help convince you that your selection is sound.

What is a good deal? What truly matches against your needs? Has the Self-Storage company fully understood your needs and can you feel this in the proposal they have made? What are the hidden extras? What guarantees have you been provided with and do you feel you have all the knowledge you need to make a sound, informed decision – need help? Then read on.

Price Guarantees
Storage World Self Storage & Workspace is not alone in providing some form of price guarantee; this is now fairly common place among the leading Self Storage operators across the UK. Whilst we promise to match any like for like written quotation this is entirely based upon the quote being for a Storage Unit of the same size and geographic location. Crucially the facility must be of a comparable high standard and take into consideration the wider aspects of the proposal. Shopping around could be an option; however you must consider the implications of out of town storage, convenience and so on.
Price of course isn’t everything and your Storage World Storage Adviser will assist you in pointing out the differences in order that you make an informed decision. We take your Storage needs very seriously and will always advise in your best interests based on the information you provide.

Check Terms and Conditions
Looking beyond the headlines is extremely important to us, so we do our utmost to explain the detailed terms and conditions to design a proposal bespoke to your needs. It is no use being seduced by a short term move in incentive if your needs are longer term, nor if the unit size quoted doesn’t match your needs.
Of specific interest should be the minimum Storage term and ensuring there isn’t a sting in the tail. Our strategy is to always provide a proposal that matches your needs across your full term of Storage, this may involve some upsizing and downsizing and ensuring you don’t pay for Storage you don’t need or use.
Storage World assumes a minimum Storage term of 2 weeks and write Storage Agreements that are open ended with a 2 week notice to vacate clause. This means you are not obliged to continually renew your agreement and can Store safe in the knowledge that administration is low and you are always in control. Should you have a Storage need of less than 2 weeks, please explain this to your Storage adviser and they will design your Storage Agreement accordingly.

Customer Service
We truly believe that there is a value in exceptional Customer Service. Time and time again customers comment on the friendliness of our specially trained staff and see this as a factor in the decision making process. They are encouraged to go the extra mile and often this will save you time effort and money.
Examples of the Storage World difference includes our extended opening hours, bulging Packaging & Materials Shop, Free WiFi, Remover & Van Hire Partners, Parcel Receipt & Dispatch Service, Community based schemes – many of which you will find have been reviewed online on Google+, Facebook and TheBestOf Manchester. Once a customer we will ask you to share your opinion of our review sites or why not write about your experiences for our blog?
If you are taking the time to compare Self Storage facilities in Manchester, in a bid to get the best value deal, make sure you really are comparing everything – if in doubt ask our Storage Advisers to help.

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