Self Storage for Valentines Day

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OK, what we are about to suggest next might feel like a stretch of an event to feature in a blog? On the face of it you are not wrong, but there is a deeper meaning!

Valentines love is conveyed in any number of ways. Gestures, gifts, jewelry, meals, cards and so on. Yet one of the essences of love is to find that special someone and to create an environment you can enjoy together. The most important space to share is the home, ensuring it remains a “love nest”. But this isn’t always practical as we take on big DIY projects, have family take over and financial restrictions.

Self Storage aids a “happy home” and that loving Valentine environment by helping you put the love into the love nest. A space to store those low use, superfluous items that your home can be restricted by – short or long term. It can become a place to store hobby items, or even allow garage items to be stored so once again the car can return to the room built for it to be kept in (cars can love Valentines too!) The home is a place to relax and enjoy, not always easy when being taken over or the period of out growing!

Self Storage isn’t as expensive as you might think and certainly far less expensive than moving to a larger home, just to accommodate “stuff” It’s practical also, so might not be seen as a romantic gesture, however a relaxed, spacious love nest just might?

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