Self Storage Helps Businesses Grow

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If there is one thing the economic downturn of the last five years or so has taught British companies, it is how to be resourceful. Limited cash flow has meant than companies across the nation have had to make the most out of what they have in a bid to survive a torrid time commercially. One such way has been the use of self-storage facilities instead of conventional warehouses and other premises.

As is being documented of late, this tactic can not only make things a lot easier, there are also added advantages such as an extra level of security, lower insurance premiums and overall costs. Indeed, if you have recently started your company and are currently working from home, self-storage facilities can be an absolute godsend when you are looking to establish you brand and develop your business. If expansion is something you are taking seriously, this option should most definitely be considered due to the financial benefits and the fact that it can allow you run your operations more effectively.

Self-storage facilities also offer a great deal of flexibility for small businesses. Whereas a brand new factory or warehouse would be needed if one outgrew their property, with self-storage the business owner can simply upgrade to a larger or additional storage space.

A diverse range of small businesses in the United Kingdom have been looking to self-storage, from fashion brands, music schools, charities and even cage fighters! This really emphasises the value of this tactic and how it really can be priceless especially in the early days, when you are looking for your fledgling businesses to develop and grow for you. Cages can be installed, ease of access allowed the amputee charity run their operations successfully and a music academy from the north of the country were even able to sound proof their self-storage facility so they could use it without disturbing others. All in all, self-storage facilities represent a versatile and cost effective opportunity for any SME looking at their bottom line.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you are running a virtual business or company wanting to store business files or even stock. This can of course be accommodated by self-storage facilities and it may well be a consideration that has never come to mind. If you are part of a small business looking to widen its margins in 2014, why not see what facilities are available in your area?

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