Self Storage Top Ten Tips

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When using a self storage there are a number of tips to maximise the benefits the facilities offer, not least:-

1 Add Value
When selling your propery, decluttering can greatly assist its presentation and improve perception to prospective buyers

2 Facilities

Ensure your storage room is fit for purpose – your possessions won’t thank you for a poor environment

3 Packaging and materials

Should be robust and offer great stacking potential and content protection. Think of maximising the vertical space, not just the floor.

4 Term

It is always best to prepare to store for longer than you initially plan, typically things happen that scupper even the best made plans

5 Access

Ensure items that you may need to access are located to the front of your room

6 Plan

Identify what items are stored in your room and mark boxes clearly

7 Optimise

Collapse / dismantle possessions where possible

8 Retrieval

In larger rooms, leave small walkways that enable you to access its contents

9 Smart Packing

When recruiting experts have them pack your room, their knowhow will pay for itself in maximising the space used within your room

10 Local

You never know when you may want to access your rooms contents, so best to pick somewhere convenient

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