Small Business Storage in Manchester

Storage World now has three self-storage locations in the Manchester area that are ideal for small businesses to store any excess assets in a safe, secure environment.

Often people opt for a steel container, also known as a shipping container, to store their goods because they’re a convenient way to keep excess storage locked up, and they provide a lot of space, so items can be added over time. However, container storage is not always the best option. In many cases, items stored in this type of container become subject to damage from factors outside of the storage provider’s control, such as temperature and weather and can even cost you more than renting a storage unit.

At Storage World, we have all the tools you need to effectively store items for your small business. There’s no need to source your own packaging materials either, as we have all of this on-site ready to get your goods packaged and neatly stored away, as well as providing help with transport to ensure your items arrive safely if needed.

Why is self-storage beneficial for small businesses?

Self storage units are a far more cost-effective alternative to traditional warehouse or retail space, enabling small businesses to grow whilst managing costs and stock efficiently. Having the ability to expand, and keep overhead costs to a minimum is the mark of a successful small business and can help set you apart from  your competitors.

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Business growth flexibility

Self storage broadens the flexibility of your business as you can store a wide range of goods, stock and assets with excellent access to retrieve these as required. Small businesses tend to fluctuate regularly in their first couple of years trading, particularly when it comes to the amount of space you need to store stock, or with the amount of office space needed depending on your staff headcount. This means you require the scope to upsize or downsize as required, with no cost to your business. At Storage World, our contracts are flexible, meaning you can move freely around the facility as your storage needs grow or decrease, and you only pay for the space that you need. We understand that it can be hard to truly visualise how much storage space you need, so our team is on hand at all times to get an idea of how you need to use the spice and advise accordingly. In the event that you’ve over or underestimated, then its no problem at all to fix it and get you the right sized unit.

Increase profit margins

Self storage units often offer businesses a much cheaper alternative to traditional retail, office or stock storage solutions. This means you will have the cash that would have gone into this available to expand your product or service offerings, invest in your business and add more stock to your storage, ready to sell to your customers. Having the space to store your assets means that you can source these in bulk, which is often a lot more cost effective than buying incrementally. If your business has more stock readily available, it makes it easier to keep up with demand, meaning that customers are kept happy and satisfied with your service and you prevent any backlogs from occurring. A business that stores well is able to run far more smoothly, which in turn increases chances of success, ensuring you maintain a good reputation for satisfying customer needs, whilst streamlining your overhead costs.

It’s safe and secure

Opting for a robust, purpose built self-storage unit means that your assets or stock is safe from any damage that could occur. At Storage World, our units are housed internally, shielding them from any adverse weather to make sure your items will never come into damage. Our units are also made from strong, fit for purpose, materials and we have 24-hour security. Our units are built to protect and hold your items in the way they require. Come rain or shine, your items are completely safe at Storage World, and with keyholders chosen by yourself, only you have access.

Cheap small business premises

Storage units have become increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional office, warehouse or workspace. Many start-up businesses operate at home, simply because this is the only viable way in terms of expenses to ensure profit margins aren’t affected. However self storage units are a great place to base your business as you don’t have the distractions that come with working from home and you can keep costs low too. The other great thing about opting for this type of workspace goes back to the flexibility factor, when renting a commercial space, you’re usually tied in for at least 6 to 12 months, whereas at Storage World, we have no contractual dates involved and you’re free to upsize, downsize, or cease operations with us at any time without penalty.

This gives you peace of mind when first beginning a business to know that you can afford to have a premises to operate from, because if anything should go wrong, there will be no big bill to pay for months on end until your rental agreement is finally terminated. At Storage World, we offer several types of workspace in a range of sizes, and you’re welcome to operate your business with us even if you have a band of employees too.

In our stores, we currently have many small businesses successfully running out of our units, across a range of industries. Whether you own an online ecommerce business and need a place to store your stock, or you have a traditional brick-and-mortar retail store, our units are ideal for stock storage as you can have racks installed to utilise the full horizontal and vertical space of the unit, making it highly cost effective.

We also offer office space, with access to Wi-Fi and kitchen and WC facilities on site too, to ensure your business remains compliant with welfare legislation. Own a more hands-on business? You can gladly use our units are workshop space to create, build, or do whatever you need to do for your business. The options are endless and we’re always happy to welcome a new team on board. With over 100 people regarding each of our facilities as their principal workbase, you’ll be joining a great, successful and efficient small business community.

Why choose Storage World for your small business?

We are highly rated among the people of Manchester and many further afield too. We have happy business clients all over Greater Manchester and Cheshire, and even clients across the nation and overseas too. We offer 24-hour access when required to our state-of-the-art storage and workspace units, with round-the-clock security and highly competitive prices across our vast range of storage solutions. We have three great locations to allow great flexibility for you and we aim to provide the best possible service to help you when choosing a unit, moving in or moving out.

Key Features

  • Over 800 storage rooms across three sites ranging in size from 10sq ft to 250 sq ft
  • 200 bulk storage rooms from 250 to 1500 sq ft
  • External drive ups for easy access
  • Yard parking spaces
  • Male & Female WC
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Packaging materials & racks

Get in touch

with us today and tell us about your small business. We can help you decide which option is right for you, based on your business needs and budget to ensure you are entirely happy with the space and price provided. Call us to receive the best possible price:

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