Small Business Stories: Blackley Village Antiques

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Blackley Village Antiques was born from the personal passion of owner, James Morrow. Initially a roofer, James ditched the slates to pursue his love for antiques and vintage collectables, transforming his home-based business into a thriving store within a unit at Storage World, Manchester. 

James takes unique finds from various eras and restores them into stunning, timeless pieces. From furniture and art to accessories and collectables, Blackley Village Antiques has plenty of treasures for you to get your hands on at Storage World Manchester. 

Moving the business from his garages into our self storage facility enabled James to expand his business beyond his initial expectations, taking it from a side hobby to a full-time income generator. Blackley Village Antiques now operates directly from the storage unit, which enables James to ensure the antiques are correctly preserved and showcased to the full potential for ease of browsing. 

Here, James tells us the inspiration behind his antiques business and how it all started, right through to his journey and experience with us here at Storage World. 

Tell us about your business? What made you start your own business and how did you go about starting up?

I’m a self-employed roofer who has always had a love for antiques and vintage collectables. Initially, I started scouring markets, etc. to source items to restore as an additional income stream, but it quite quickly became apparent that I could make a living from this… so that’s what I did!

What do you primarily use your storage unit for – stock / storage, or as a business premises? Tell us more about how this meets your needs.

All of the above – as you can see from my unit, I have set it up so that prospective customers can come and browse. Having come from two garages, my unit is perfect for my business. 

What made you consider self-storage for your business?

There was a lack of security in the aforementioned garages and outgrowing them quickly became an issue. I needed to be able to have everything all under one roof.

What have you learnt since starting your business? Is there anything you would do differently? 

Start small and grow at your own pace, I wouldn’t do anything differently.

Have there been many challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Initially, having no van to transport any pieces that I buy was a challenge. Now, I’m still trying to raise awareness of my business.

Would you recommend Storage World to other businesses? 

Yes, definitely.

What size unit do you occupy? Has this space been ideal for your business?

My storage unit is 350sq ft in total – this has been the perfect size for my business needs.

How long has your business been located at Storage World? Have you moved between units during this time?

Blackley Village Antiques has been located at Storage World since February 2019. I originally started with a 225 sq ft sized unit, which I rapidly outgrew and so moved to the 350 sq ft unit in October of the same year.

What’s the best thing about hosting your business at Storage World? 

The location, accessibility and that it’s a secure site. There is also a great mix of business customers here occupying units, whom I have made some great relationships with and the staff are always on hand to help.

If there was one thing you could suggest to a new entrepreneur at the start of their business journey, what would it be? 

Start small, scale and grow!

Check out Blackley Village Antiques on Instagram at – Jimbo_blackleyvillageantiques

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