Storage for City Centre apartments in Manchester

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City Centre living provides for many advantages – some social / lifestyle led and others the proximity to work and career development. However your living space can often be compromised due to the premium paid for accommodation.

We have aimed to set out some tips to those that live in the city, aimed at maximizing the space you “live in” and avoiding your storage space spilling over:-

Kitchens are tricky, due to the number of appliances, small items and food stuffs required to lead a normal life. Stacking in cupboards and collecting items in storage containers is crucial, filling every cupboard and draw effectively and avoiding holding unnecessary items.

The highest use space in any apartment is the living room (hence the name!) and clearly this space can become cluttered quickly without discipline. Buying furniture with comfort and storage attributes is a good start, but so too spending a few minutes every day to find a home for every item – we recommend you start with the remote control!

Fill wardrobes for both the hanging space and floor space, keeping shoes in the boxes they were bought in and adding storage boxes where possible to collect small items such as belts, ties, bags and other accessories. Oh and don’t forget under the bed – somewhere you can store luggage, perhaps even containing items you use infrequently.

Bathrooms must have a cabinet – either above or below the sink. There are also products available now that you can hang over the back of the door or even within your shower cubicle.

There are of course items that are just too bulky to store yet used infrequently. For example this can include luggage, skis, out of season clothing, festival gear and even Christmas presents. For all these items Self Storage could be the answer? A conveniently located space accessible to you only, secure and practical – to learn more perhaps visit Call Us or Visit?

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