Storage survival for students

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With four universities within the Greater Manchester region, more than 100,000 students descend on the city during every academic year. Manchester is seen as one of the most fashionable and happening places to study, and that trend looks set to continue. But stop for a moment and think about the vast quantity of possessions that 100,000 students collect during their university life. Where does it all go? Here’s a solution!

Student rooms are usually small, with limited space. But during the course of a degree, students collect not just books, files and paper, but also a wealth of other useful possessions, like traffic cones, road signs and other memorabilia from good nights out. So what happens during the long summer break? Do you leave everything in your hall of residence or student house and hope it’s all there when you come back in September? Storage World Self Storage not only provides the answer to your storage needs, but it might also preserve your relationship with your parents, who may well already have your pre-student possessions cluttering up their home, and who really don’t want an invasion of more ‘junk’.

Storage World offers a very flexible range of affordable options, particularly if you’re a student at nearby Manchester Metropolitan University. With units as small as a shower cubicle, it makes ideal storage space for all your possessions during the summer, and also convenient storage during term time to save your limited living space becoming unbearably cluttered. Visit as often as you like, moving your belongings in and out of your unit as you need them. Then, during the summer break, head home safe in the knowledge that even your valuable items are secure. As your belongings grow, simply increase the size of your storage unit to accommodate them.

Just a cautionary word if you live in Manchester and are heading off to uni this year. Storage World storage space works for your parents, too, so don’t be surprised if they take advantage of Storage World to store your teenage life while you’re away. For students and parents, it provides a sensible, flexible and secure way to preserve your memories until you’re ready to decide for yourself what you want to keep beyond your student years.


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