Store your goods when disaster strikes

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Flood, fire or other damage to your home, office or other property can make it unlivable in for some period of time. Most people trust their goods to a locked door and faith that no one will venture into a damaged property. However, all it takes is for one of these personal dramas to make an appearance on local news, in the paper or on social media and thieves are increasingly likely to be on the prowl. Secure in the knowledge that no one will be home and alarms are likely to be off or disabled, they will take the opportunity to grab they can. This is a recent example, from the south coast, showing crime can rapidly follow a personal disaster, and the trend seems to be spreading.

One way to limit the risk of this sort of event happening to you, if a home or businesses property suddenly becomes off-limits, is to arrange self-storage. We offer facilities in the Manchester and Greater Manchester area, with different types of sizes of storage, which can help provide vital security for any personal items, equipment or valuables that you don’t want to leave unguarded. While we wouldn’t wish fire or flood on anyone, or any one of life’s other irregular dramas that can affect occupancy – such as building structure damage, sink holes, serious pest control problems or other grim experiences – our low-cost solution can help offer peace of mind.

Of course, self storage isn’t just for these dramatic periods in your life. We can provide an essential service when you’re moving home, going on a long-term trip, downsizing or simply looking for somewhere to storage a garage full-to-bursting with family clutter. Businesses too can benefit from self-storage to keep equipment that is only periodically used, like event display stands or old systems or documentation that you don’t have the space for.

Whatever your needs, we can provide storage lockers, storage rooms, workshops and even offices to help families or growing businesses manage their property, goods or inventory to keep on top of things, without being reduced to taking them to the tip.

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