Storing Summer Outdoor Furniture

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The long balmy days of summer are a distant memory. No more entertaining or relaxing in the garden, eating al fresco and enjoying a glass or two of wine or beer late into the evening. The centrepiece of the garden, the expensive dining table and chairs, stand forlorn now it is too cold and dark to stay outdoors. Winter is here and the garden furniture is still outside, drenched in rain or covered in snow.

The carefully lashed and tied down tarpaulin was supposed to protect the garden centrepiece, but it didn’t survive the winter storms and was never replaced. The formerly pristine wooden furniture has taken on a greyish tinge and is beginning to warp, and the powder-coated metal chairs, which once gleamed in the sun, are showing signs of bubbling and rust. The tied-on seat covers and parasol have lost their vibrant colours and the outdoor furniture will need a fair amount of tender care, or indeed be replaced before the days lengthen and the temperature begins to rise once more. Does this sound familiar?

There is a solution though. By putting your garden furniture into our storage facility over the winter, all you have to do when the evenings begin to draw out as summer approaches is retrieve them and away you go. You don’t even have to just store your garden furniture, as those bikes, skateboards, windsurfers, rollerblades and other bits of sports kit which clutter up the house can also be stored as well. If you keep a storage unit all year round it can become, in effect, a second garage, allowing you to bring in and take out items as the seasons change, keeping your house de-cluttered and your outdoor furniture and other belongings dry, clean, safe and above all ready for use as needed.

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