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Self storage for students: a how-to guide
Although summer is still in full swing, lots of teenagers have their minds set a month or two ahead, as many of them prepare to start attending university in September and October. As a student, your living situation can be precarious, and student digs aren’t known for being pillars of organisation and hygiene. This is where self storage comes in – it’s a great way to ensure your prized possessions, family heirlooms and sentimental artefacts are kept safe whilst your studying. So for all those students out there, here are a few tips for getting the most out of self storage this coming academic year.

Be ruthless

You may think that you’ll need all of your CDs and DVDs at university, but you’ll probably change your mind when you see the rise of your new room and when it comes to moving. Be ruthless with your storage decisions, and lock away anything you won’t need until next year.

Sharing is a great way to keep costs down

Self storage isn’t that expensive, but for students living on student loans, it can be. Sharing with friends or housemates is a good way to keep the cost down over the course of the year. Buddying up will split the cost and the space, which can be especially useful if you don’t have enough to fill a whole unit by yourself. However, make sure you trust who you’re sharing with, and that you agree on access at the start as a pound or two saved can soon pale into insignificance if your goods are damaged through not fault of your own.

Look out for the best deals

Many self storage companies will offer deals around this time of year in order to attract the student market. Make sure you take good look at what is being offered and certainly look past the headlines – read the fine print, you must ensure you fully understand what you are being offered and your obligations.

Give your parents a key

In the chaos of university life, many students lose their self storage unit keys. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to give a set to your parents, or someone more responsible, just in case the worst does happen. It may seem a bit much, but you’ll be thanking us if you ever lose your keys!

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