The Benefits of Decluttering & Self Storage

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So you have removed the Christmas decorations, considering breaking your New Year’s resolutions and need some extra motivation. Decluttering can have a major impact on your wellbeing and in particular how your home makes you feel.


  • A good tidy up makes most people feel a lot better
  • A tidy home is a tidy mind
  • When we start to tidy, why stop?
  • A place for everything and everything in its place
  • Home becomes a place of calm
  • You know where everything is – and don’t waste time searching
  • The place looks nicer
  • You are more inclined to invite friends of family around – becoming more sociableWHERE DO YOU START?

Firstly a plan, set ground rules

    1. Those items you must keep close at hand
    2. Items that you don’t want that you can donate to charity
    3. Rubbish that can be disposed of or recycled
    4. Those items that you need, but don’t use that often

Storage specialise in assisting you to address point 4 – those items that you don’t want to put on the loft (if you have one) will only mess up cupboards and simply cannot go in sheds or garages.

Most homes need more space to store away seasonal items – Christmas Decorations, Sporting Equipment, Luggage, BBQ’s, Inherited items, Childhood Memories and so on.

If creating more space is something you are thinking about, why not chat through the implications with one of Storage’s customer advisors? The options are flexible and the costs probably not as much as you might think!

Storage is based on Ashton Old Road, Ardwick, M12 – the large yellow building with smily faced staff and customers! Call or Visit to learn more.

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