The Perils of Poor Storage

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Coke stains on the floor, a sticker that once proudly showed room number “004” peeling off the door, clinging hopelessly to the faded paint. The remains of the previous occupants rubbish and tape that has somehow managed to attach itself firmly to the floor. And finally the small pile of dirt in the corner that you seem to have inherited a long with the dent in the wall of your unit. NOT what you want to be dealing with when Storing and hoping your possessions will be in the same condition when you return.

This is what you may come across when searching for your perfect storage solution, be that putting away your household items for a few months as you search for a new house, or simply hiding away that bit of clutter at home that’s always bothered you.

You may think that “storage is storage” and if you are putting items away for a long period of time your sole focus may be cost, but surely you want a facility that’s modern, clean and dry so that you can rest safe in the knowledge that everything will be as you left it. This in turn avoids costs that may be incurred due to damage during the storage period itself!

Your possessions are of the highest importance to you, so why store anywhere that doesn’t share this view. Whether its your child’s favourite toy, or items with more than just monetary value to you, you can rest assured that your Storage World Storage Room will treat them as you yourselves would, by keeping our facility clean, bright and modern, all to ensure you are happy to store with us, and, will be happy when you leave.

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