The Perils of Storing with Friends or Family

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There can be many reasons, and many times in your life when you suddenly need to store the vast majority of your belongings somewhere other than your own home. You may have split up with a partner, or even be on the point of moving in with a new one, or you may have a new job and need to relocate. Whatever the cause, it can be a headache finding adequate storage space when you don’t have much time or money to arrange safe storage for your possessions.

Although it can appear to border on the miraculous when friends or family come through with the offer “borrow my loft/shed/garage/spare room”, you are running a serious risk of damaging or losing the relationship altogether if your stuff outstays its welcome, or if something else goes wrong along the way.


If a fire took place where your belongings were stored, even one which caused minimal damage, some insurance claims would be necessary. Would your belongings be covered? Almost certainly not; even if you were storing items with individual “out of home” insurance, there’s a good chance your insurer wouldn’t pay up. Equally unlikely to bear fruit is an insurance claim if your friends or family suffer a burglary. You’d have a hard time persuading an insurer to pay out for two identical items, for example, if two pieces of expensive electrical equipment were taken.

If you are going to go ahead and store belongings in someone else’s house, check your insurance policy carefully; it is unlikely that an existing contents policy – either yours, or for the premises where your items are stored – will cover you.


Just as an over-comfortable house guest can outstay their welcome, so can your stuff. Like the turkey on the day after Boxing Day, the extra three piece suite cluttering up the spare room can become something you’re rather fond of elsewhere, but not in your own home. Set hard limits on when your stuff will be gone by before you take advantage of the generosity of others, and stick to them. Don’t forget to reimburse them for any costs they may have incurred storing your belongings.


The smart solution to storing a lot of stuff in the short to medium term without upsetting anyone is to hire a unit at a self-storage facility. Particularly cost-effective if you have items of furniture as well as boxes of books and clothes, good discounts are available for longer term bookings. If your belongings need a temporary home, protect both them and your relationships by looking to secure storage at a specialised facility, perhaps who can be contacted on 0161 274 4777 and are based less than half a mile from Manchester City Centre.

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