The Quality Side of Self Storage

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Long Long Ago, the process of finding good quality storage was tough. Phone calls, quotes and come move in date that sinking feeling that your “stuff” wasn’t being stored in the best possible environment – a dingy warehouse that was probably damp and certainly dusty!

Since 2002, the profile of Self Storage business in the UK has been evolving and so too has the quality of the environment in which you store. Clearly not every facility is the same (or even can), yet there is a premier league of Storage facilities that are changing the game – Storage in Manchester is certainly one.

So what does the modern day Self Storage look like? Here are a seven descriptors that help explain:-

  1. Quality Purpose built construction
  2. High Tech Security
  3. Clean & Bright environments
  4. No risk of exposure to the elements
  5. Professional well trained staff
  6. Jargon free
  7. Competitively priced


Of particular note is the quality of the staff employed. Take Storage World as the example:-

  • Staff members are recruited on both personality and aptitude
  • ALL staff are trained in Storage advice
  • They must consistently demonstrate that they understand customers needs
  • Every enquiry is reviewed weekly, to ensure the best possible advise has been provided
  • Further that every enquiry has been matched to the best possible solution
  • Training is refreshed every three months
  • Advisers are not commission driven
  • The site is mystery shopped regularly and findings fed back to all employees

So clearly not all Storage is the same and it is worth taking that little extra time and effort to work out exactly what your needs are and the type of company you want to entrust.

DO NOT be enticed by short term offers and sensational discounts – these often disguise the type of environment you are storing in. Get under the skin and work out who the professionals are, you won’t regret it but you might if you don’t!!

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