The safe and secure route to document storage

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Searching the internet for solicitors and accountants in Manchester throws up over 300 results – there are probably many more. Most of us keep some form of documentation, which is usually time limited; so, spare a thought for the law and accountancy professions, for whom the paperwork is often not time-limited – it must be kept in perpetuity.

Try to imagine how much paper that involves for these 300 Manchester businesses alone. And, if you’re one of those companies (so you know exactly how much paper that is) think about the amount of storage space that you need, and the cost of your office rental in the centre of Manchester. The irony is, with so much documentation now stored electronically, you may never need to access the hard copies, even though the law requires you to keep an evidence trail of all your work.

But Storage World can offer you the perfect answer. Conveniently situated just half a mile from Manchester city centre, this storage facility is the ideal place to store all your documentation. Compared with renting office space for storage, it’s a cost effective option. With state of the art security (including 24/7 CCTV) and perimeter security fencing in place, you can have peace of mind that all your documents are safe – probably safer than on your own business premises.

You control which employees can view confidential documents, and you have complete flexibility with access, so there’s no need to worry if you unexpectedly need documents in a hurry. What’s more, you can increase your storage space as the paper pile grows – we have units that vary from the size of a shower cubicle to half a tennis court, so there’s plenty of room for expansion. Using storage at a constant, dry temperature also preserves those documents that you have to keep permanently.

Storage World is on hand to give advice about archive boxes and fitting out a room with racking to make maximum use of your storage room. So, if you’re a Manchester solicitor or accountant disappearing under paper give us a call. If you’re a Manchester business, or even an individual, that just needs storage space for a couple of weeks while you decide what documents you need to keep, that’s no problem. We can do that, too. Take the strain out of document archiving and give us a call.


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