The value of self-storage post-Brexit

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Following the referendum, there was widespread concern that the vote to leave the EU could cause a collapse in the housing market. In Manchester, the market remains steady, but there are growing concerns among city estate agents that new sellers are reluctant to venture on to the market. Hesitation is understandable, but if it starts to define and slow down the market, then the fear of falling prices could be realised and long chains will start to emerge. And that’s where self-storage from Storage World comes in.

If you want to move, but are worried about getting stuck in a chain which means you lose the house of your dreams, then consider using storage. Sell your current home, put your furniture in storage and rent for a while until the purchase on your new home is complete. You can rest assured that your treasured possessions are safe in a locked, patrolled compound with coded access to your unit.

With units that vary from the size of a shower cubicle right up to half a tennis court, FLEXiPSACE is sure to have just the right unit for your needs. Agreements can be flexible, so if your new home becomes available sooner than expected, you aren’t tied into a lengthy contract. On the other hand, if things are delayed, you can stay as long as you need.

The great advantage of self-storage is that you have 24/7 access to your possessions. With traditional storage, you won’t see your boxes again until they are unloaded to your new home. There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering that you’ve accidentally put your favourite clothes into storage and you can’t get them back. With self-storage, that isn’t a problem. Simply pack your boxes into your unit in the way that suits you best. Then, when you suddenly realise you need something, you can just pop along and retrieve it. Think of self-storage as a temporary addition to your home.

So, if you’ve found your forever home and you don’t want to lose it due to a slowing down of the post-Brexit housing market, sell your home and use Storage World for self-storage until that exciting day when you get the call to say that the purchase is complete. Then simply collect your goods from self-storage and enjoy your new home.


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