Tips for Common Stored Items

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Everyone has clutter around their home, things that have outgrown their purpose or are out of fashion, and although everyone’s clutter is different, we are all guilty of hoarding certain things. Whether it’s clothes that are out of season, or china only used for special occasions, there are lots of things you can store to keep clutter at bay, and by using a self storage service it’s easy to retrieve them whenever you like. In order to keep things looking their best, here are a few tips for packing the most common self storage items, so you know they are ready to be used when you collect them.

Rotating the clothing in your wardrobe to suit the season makes it easier to find things, and allows you to enjoy a less cluttered environment in your bedroom. That’s why it makes sense to put your coats and jumpers in storage when it’s hot, then swap them for your summer clothes when the weather gets cooler. Storage units are dry and clean compared to garages, but many people like to put their clothes in vacuum bags for an extra layer of protection, and this also lets you fit more in your unit. Plastic boxes with a tight lid are also great for clothes, duvets, and linens.

China and glass
If you have a special set of china that’s only used a couple of times a year, then putting it in self storage means you don’t have to keep it around taking up kitchen space. Plates and china can be stacked with bubble wrap in-between each one, and then placed in a box. You should make sure that any gaps are also filled in with bubble wrap, so the plates or china items don’t move around when you are transporting them. You can buy special crates and boxes to stop glass items from clinking together, and wrapping them in newspaper stops them from getting dusty.

Documents and photographs
Organise items such as old documents into archive boxes, clearly labelling each one so that you don’t have to rummage through them all to find the right one. Old photographs can also be kept in albums with plastic pockets, or wrapped in sandwich bags before storing them to prevent fading over time. Boxes with documents should also be kept off the floor if possible, so pick a unit with shelves or stack them on top of other boxes.
Self storage allows you to enjoy the space in your home, without the items you don’t need everyday getting in the way, and by storing your items properly you can be sure they’ll be kept in perfect condition.

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