Tips for Packing a Storage Room

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A little forward planning is all it takes to make the experience of moving, packing and storing your belongings as easy and stress-free as possible! Here are some top tips from our experts on how to pack, avoiding common mistakes and getting the most from your storage room:

  1. Make sure you can easily access your belongings
    Categorise your belongings into groups. For example, are there certain items you will need to access or use regularly? If so, store them where you can easily get to them, on top of other items and towards the front of the unit.
  2. Keep your fragile items safe
    Always use boxes to pack your belongings, rather than relying on plastic bags. Boxes are stronger, easier to label, and much easier to stack and place in categories.  Also, items enclosed in plastic bags can become humid and even attract mildew, causing irreparable damage. Make sure you pack heavier, sturdier items at the bottom of stacked items. Pack any breakables or precious items in boxes, protected with bubble wrap on top of heavier, more unbreakable items. If you have items that don’t fit into a protective box because of their size or shape, consider where in the room you can store them.
  3. Get value for money
    Make sure you choose the right size of storage room for your needs rather than wasting money on a room that is too big. Our friendly, experienced team at Storage World will help you make the best value choice for you. Make sure you make the most of your storage room, what boxes can you store on top of others? Consider the packaging you use for your more fragile items. Filling up boxes completely will not only make the most of the space, but it also makes them stronger when stacked, avoiding breakages and damages.
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