Top 3 Tips for choosing a storage provider

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Here’s Storage World, Manchester’s number one storage facilities 3 top tips for choosing the right Self Storage Provider…

    1. LOCATION – Which is the most convenient location – It sounds simple right, the one closest to home but think about your daily commute and when you’ll need to access your storage unit most as it may just be you work in Manchester city centre and for eample you may drive past or very close to Storage World 5 days a week, twice a day not to mention if you could gain some time in your day by going at lunchtime to get the item you need at home that evening!


  1. THE FACILITY – There are many different types of Self Storage in the UK and Manchester is no different so in order to make an informed decision in terms of what is right for your particular items, you need to be aware of these options as follows:
    • Warehouses – This type of storage offered by places like ourselves here at Storage World are either modern purpose built large buildings or converted older buildings with sectioned off rooms of differing sizes to suit most requirements. These facilities offer the best security, good locations, they’re clean and well run and easily accessible. Usually more expensive than the alternatives, where they win is the additional benefits as described above which is basically peace of mind.
    • Containers – Usually a bunch of shipping containers sat outside in a secure yard or compound. Clients visit the compound to retrieve items from their container. Containers can be cheaper to rent however they are left to the elements and extremes of temperature plus as they are outside, security is still a factor.
    • Lock-Ups – These are basically garages that are rented out for storage and can be accessed easily however the lock on the door may be the only security they have
    • Furniture Depositories – Usually spacious warehouses where movers offer to store items for the customer in normally secure and good storage conditions. The downside to this type of solution is that accessing your belongings is either very difficult or sometimes impossible and there may be charges per visit plus the warehouses can be quite remote.


  2. SECURITY – Here is probably the biggest and maybe to many the most important question when storing away from their home and that is, how do I know my belongings will be safe.

We can’t speak for all providers but we can speak for ourselves here at Storage World and we agree security is of paramount importance when deciding to store your possessions in a Self Storage facility.

That’s why we have consulted and liaised with professionals in:

  • CCTV
  • The SSA (Our trade association)
  • Emergency Services and Authorities
  • Security Experts and Consultants
  • At Storage World we’re committed to keeping your items safe and furthermore, you safe when you visit our facility. By ensuring rigour in our checks of people on site we can ensure safety for them and all the items we store at Storage World.

In terms of our security on site, to give you comfort, we provide:

  • CCTV (Internal & External)
  • Registered Access Only
  • Automatic Intruder / Smoke and Fire Detector systems
  • Secure Perimeter Fencing
  • Highly trained staff

In basic terms we pride ourselves in treating your belongings as though they were our own.
So we hope this guide has helped you and if we can help you further please call one of our team today on 0161 274 4777 or call in to take a tour and find out more.

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