Top 5 Reasons To Use Storage World

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Self Storage is a UK phenomenon, it’s gaining momentum and is mirroring the trend that has been whipping the United States by storm.

Self Storage units are popping up in various places in built up residential and industrial areas. Where there are people there is always a demand for self storage.

In 2013 Storage World opened the doors at our Manchester site, and we soon filled up. Until we build our extension of 3 new floors we were 85% full. Our brightly lit, purpose built site appeals to many. The state of the art security, 24/7 CCTV system and being manned seven days a week gives our customers confidence.

The top five reasons people use self storage are simple, and listed down in no particular order are.

1. Home movers, selling a house is an expensive process, and losing a sale or purchase isn’t something anyone wants to burden the cost of picking up the tab. So many times Self Storage is used to bridge the gap. I, personally did the same thing, I didn’t want to lose my buyer and my house purchase was taking longer than expected, so I completed on my sale, put everything in storage and went off on holiday while the rest of the legal work went through.

2. House going on the market. Property sellers are normally selling for a reason, and that reason for many is they don’t have enough room. This also translates to you’ve too much stuff, buyers need to see your property, they can’t do this when it’s jammed full of clutter. So many sensible and savvy sellers, pack up the un-essentials, pop them in storage and create a home that reflects the lifestyle of the people buying.

3. Hobby or collectors. Your hobby has outgrown your home. People who like skiing, cycling, camping or any outdoors pursuit doesn’t necessarily have a convenient or accessible place to store this at home. So what better solution, swinging by your unit and, easily, accessing what you need. Much better than clambering up into the loft or realising the damp shed has ruined your beloved items.

4. New businesses, on line retailers clamour for Self Storage Space, it’s convenient and an affordable overhead. At Storage World we have a dispatch room where deliveries can be deposited and picked up without the business owner needing to be in attendance.

5. Relationship break ups or move in together. If a relationship has collapsed then Self Storage is normally the most convenient option, also many couples moving into together are taking the sensible approach and storing duplicate items, like washing machine, sofas and toasters. Just in case it doesn’t work out. The cost of storing is far less than the cost of replacing the goods.

So there we have it. Self Storage at Storage World is used for a variety of reasons, but these are the top five. What reason would you need self storage for? We’d love to know.

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