Top tips on packing your self storage unit for maximum efficiency

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For anyone choosing to rent a self storage unit in Manchester, it might seem simple enough to open the door and place your items inside. However, if you have a large amount of items for storage, it’s important to pack your unit efficiently, optimising every square inch of space. This enables you to store as much as possible, while ensuring your items remain secure and stable.

Efficiently packing a self storage unit may seem intimidating to new customers, and while there are infinite ways to pack your items, there are a number of tips and tricks you can use to ensure you make the most of your rented space, giving you maximum efficiency.

1. Think ahead

When you plan on storing your items, make sure that you consider which of the items you are likely to need access to. If you plan on moving certain items back out of your self storage unit in the near future, then ensure that you keep these items easily accessible and near the door. By doing this, you won’t have to constantly unpack and repack your entire unit each time you need one small item.

2. Start by lining the walls

A great way to increase your efficiency is to start by lining the walls when you fill your unit. This gives you maximum space to move around in while you continue packing, and also means that you have the flexibility to store bigger items in the centre.

3. Pack vertically

If you plan on storing any large furniture items, such as sofas or bed frames, storing these items on their side and placing them vertically will help to maximise your storage efficiency. Vertical space is more difficult to take advantage of, so by placing these larger items vertically results in you freeing up other floor and horizontal space to fill with smaller items.

4. Protect your furniture

When you store any soft furnishing, or items that can be easily damaged, it is very important to protect them effectively. Properly wrapping your furniture will protect it in the long run, and if you use cloths or mattress covers to protect your wooden items, then you can safely store lighter items on these, optimising space utilisation.

5. Expect temperature changes

Because your items will be housed in self storage units, it’s important to realise that they may be exposed to temperatures slightly lower than in your home. While this will not bother the vast majority of your stored items, there are a few things that need to be properly insulated against any temperate changes. Electronics, vinyl records and old photographs are common items which are affected by cold temperatures, so make sure these are double wrapped to ensure none of your items will be damaged.

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