Two become one – Self-storage when moving in with your partner in Manchester

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It can be an exciting time for a couple when they finally decide to bite the bullet and live together. The two then have a lot of things to discuss, such as when they’ll move in and which one of the boroughs they’d like to live in around Manchester. The big question is – what do lovebirds do when they’ve got too much stuff between them both for one place? If you’re about to move in with that special someone and are currently looking for an answer to this question, here are three things to think about.


You’re never too far away from storage units as long as you’re in the vicinity of Greater Manchester. In fact, you’re only a short drive away from your belongings if you keep them in units located in Ashton and Middleton. For instance, if you store your items in Ashton then they’ll always be accessible from inner-city neighbourhoods such as Chorlton, Whalley Range and Levenshulme – not to mention outer areas like Oldham and Rochdale. Therefore, having too many items between you both really shouldn’t dictate where you choose to live.


You can steer clear of your first row if you manage to compromise when it comes to whose items will go in self-storage. It’s worth reminding yourselves that the units are extremely secure – complete with CCTV and perimeter fencing. Ultimately, both your belongings will be in safe hands even if they’re a short drive away from where you choose to live.


The units are designed to hold different sized items – from bulky pieces of furniture to cherished mementos. Therefore, you should both feel comfortable putting anything into self-storage that isn’t classed as a necessity. You can always move things back into the new property once you’ve found your feet and managed to make a bit more space between you both.

Happily ever after

A shared home could be the start of something magical. To ensure that things don’t turn sour because you’ve both got too many possessions, remember that you can easily keep many of your items in self-storage. FlexiSpace’s units are ideal for this very reason and can be accessed easily from all boroughs in and around Greater Manchester.

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