Warehouse Self-Storage is the natural successor to lock-ups, and then some!

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In recent years, a great deal of lock-up garages have been knocked down to make way for new residential developments in the Manchester area. This type of storage has traditionally been used by ordinary people to store items in bulk. During its heyday, lock-ups were used for everything from freeing up space to storing items while the owner moved house. But what is the modern equivalent of a lock-up? We believe that purpose built warehouse Self Storage is the natural successor to lock-up garages, however far more comprehensive in what it offers.

Let’s create a picture of what a lock up might have looked like? Perhaps two rows of garages where kids played football? Some well maintained and used, others in a poor state of repair? A place the you only ventured if you had to?

We specialise in this type of storage. Our facility is divided into a wide range of rooms so we can match our client’s different needs. If you’re looking for a contemporary, convenient storage solution, we believe that you’ll be delighted by our clean, accessible warehouse units. But why is warehouse Self Storage so suitable for today’s storage users and how does it build on the legacy of lock-up Self Storage?

Modern storage users often need to store high-value items and delicate electronic items. This means that they need a storage solution that is fit for purpose, both secure and of the correct environment. Old-fashioned lock-ups were secured using a tough, reliable lock and protected from the elements by a sturdy garage-style door. Whilst modern Self Storage units offer far greater levels of protection in an easy-to-maintain, clean interior environment.

Today’s storage users also need to access their possessions easily, and whenever they like. So selecting where to store is driven by convenience. Typically no further than a 3-5 mile journey from home or work is desired, so the Storage World Store on Ashton Old Rd covers most of the inner M60 and in particular City Centre Manchester and Eastern suburbs.

Are there any lock up’s left? We believe that we offer many of the same core benefits as lock-ups but in a very modern way.

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