What Not To Store

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We are regularly asked whether we can accept certain items into storage. So, as a guide, let’s look at some of the items and categories that are either strictly prohibited or our experience tells us shouldn’t be accepted. The key reasons concern both safety and the effective storage possibilities. To be honest, very few of these will come as a surprise to you. The simple key is this – if you are ever unsure, please just give us a call.


So, sorry, you’ll just have to take the kids on holiday with you after all! You might well assume that no-one would ever consider leaving an animal of any kind in storage. “My snake will be fine there for a couple of weeks, I’ve just fed him” is therefore not a line you’d expect to hear! Live includes plants too, of course; we have enough trouble looking after the cactus on the office window sill. Just like Customs when you try to enter Australia, we also have to say “no” to the storage of any kind of foodstuffs.


This is the main – and most serious – category we are regularly asked about. For obvious safety reasons, both for the people working and visiting here, and to protect all that is stored, we can’t hold any of the following: any flammable, explosive or toxic substance, firearms and ammunition, and LPG cylinders or any other form of compressed gasses. You can add to this list any paints, thinners, petrol and oil. Rockets or any other types of fireworks are also of limits. Finally, any chemicals (especially any oxidizing agents) cannot be accepted either.


We know you’ll appreciate that all of the above is aimed at complying with the relevant legal, health and safety, and environmental, requirements. It also helps us to create a completely safe facility both for our own team, and for all the people who both visit and trust us with their valuable – and often treasured – items. So, we’d love to store for you, but please ask first if you are unsure about any items you want to place with us. Thanks!

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