Why hire a self storage unit for your musical instrument?

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If you are in a band or orchestra, or you’re just looking to store your personal instrument, it may be worth hiring a self-storage facility. Musical instruments can be damaged extremely easily; therefore, maintaining their condition is important. There are also a variety of other reasons why you may wish to store your musical instrument and equipment.

1. To be passed down

The cost of purchasing an instrument is an expensive purchase and is often bought as an investment. Instruments are usually passed down for generations; however, this is only possible if the instrument has received the correct care over its lifetime. If it is kept in the home, there are many ways that it could get damaged. A self-storage facility keeps your instrument safe and secure in a locked, individual unit.

2. A small home

If you live in a small home, an instrument can take up a great deal of valuable space. Instruments such as drums, trombones and cellos are larger in size and, when they’re not in use, it can be difficult to know where to keep them. A self-storage unit is a fantastic flexible option that lets you have access to your possessions whenever required and then put them back into storage immediately after use.

3. Temperature issues

If you live in a location that fluctuates in temperature or suffers humidity problems, hiring a self-storage unit is crucial for the longevity of your instrument. If the piece is kept in the wrong conditions, it may be at risk of shrinking, drying out or breaking apart. A self-storage unit features managed temperature control to avoid any of these risks.

4. In a band

If you are in a band, it is easier if all instruments are located together, so that the transportation to gigs is much easier to manage. Self storage would be the ideal solution to avoid losing essential equipment. If you perform for a living, hiring a secure, controlled unit to keep these belongings secure may give your band some peace of mind. Your equipment will be in the right hands for as long as you need.

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