Why self storage is ideal for Manchester’s online retailers

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For Manchester’s ever-growing fleet of budding online entrepreneurs, self storage solutions are becoming a necessity to help cater for consumers’ insatiable desire to shop online. Whether you’re an online trader, an eBay seller or run an Amazon store, the flexibility of having a dedicated off-site storage space within Greater Manchester cannot be underestimated.

If you’re currently carrying stock, let’s face it, there’s only so much you can physically store in the garage or the box room. Space is not the only issue – you’re not giving your storage the protection it deserves in your home. In the event of flooding, fire or any other form of natural disaster, your stock could face possible ruin. Worse still, you’ll struggle to find a household insurance policy that’ll insure your stock.

However, for many online start-ups, renting commercial property is simply too much of a risk in terms of the overall cost. The last thing you want is to be tied into a long-term tenancy agreement if you’re still just dipping your toes into the water of e-commerce.

That’s where flexible and secure self storage comes in.

Unlike commercial property in Manchester which comes with additional fees for start-ups such as business rates, the only cost incurred when renting self storage space is VAT. Even then, providing your online business is VAT registered, that will have little impact to your bottom line.

It’s not just the cost savings that can add value to an online entrepreneur, it’s the peace of mind that their stock is entirely protected and secured – there when you need it and there when you don’t. It’s particularly valuable for online businesses that operate in more seasonal industries. For instance, if your business turns over 40% of its annual business in November and December, during the festive season, you can acquire your stock earlier in the year and rent self storage in Greater Manchester to keep it ready and waiting for when the demand spikes.

The location of your self storage unit is equally important. At Storage World, we’re extremely popular with online retailers because we’re so easily accessible from all four corners of Greater Manchester. Our latest space is just half-a-mile north of the city centre, so our entrepreneurial customers never have to worry too much about logistics.

If your online business is expanding but you’re not quite big enough to afford your own distribution centre or depot, why not consider self storage? Our flexible, secure space could save you time and money.

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