Why sheds, lofts and garages can be the worst place to store valuables

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It is all too easy when having a clear out, or moving home, to box up some personal items, be they paintings, clothes, crockery or electrical items. The natural inclination is to store them, or larger items like furniture, in the cellar, attic, garage or shed – and then forget about them.

Many people can do this in the nice dry summer, and they are easily consigned to history, hidden away out of mind. Unfortunately, this can leave them exposed to water, damp, cold, mustiness, mould and spores, insect damage and worse over time. The risk of breakage, destruction, or at the very least a strange smell could see their value, either monetary or emotional, wrecked, possibly beyond repair.

A simple and cost-effective solution, which won’t clog up your home, is to choose self-storage. We offer all sizes of storage facility for customers in the Manchester and Greater Manchester area. This allows those moving, rearranging or remodelling their home, dry, secure and safe storage. It also offers peace of mind and the knowledge that your valuables will be in the same state you left them with us, not personal papers turned into a wasp’s nest, woodworm infested furniture, clothes wrecked by damp or pictures distorted by freezing weather.

Whatever the reason for the clearout, perhaps starting a new hobby or home business, it is all too easy to overlook the value of what you are packing away. Remember that when it comes to your next tidy up and consider self-storage to prevent some serious disappointment or personal loss in the future.

The same Storage World service applies to companies, small and large, who often lack space to store their document archives or rarely used equipment, signage or other essentials that the business will need again in the future. If your business office or premises is a health and safety nightmare with boxes and equipment everywhere, self-storage can help reduce the risk of injury, and subsequent expensive investigations.

Whatever your storage needs, get in touch and we can help make sure your goods remain well protected against the elements to keep them in perfect condition.

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