Your home business has stock storage issues?

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What to do when your home business has stock storage issues

Firstly, congratulations! You’ve started a home business supplying a product and are now so busy that it is taking over not just your time, but also the space in your house.

At Storage World we’ve spoken with and helped 100’s of people whose businesses have stock storage issues and worked with them to solve these issues.  Here’s an example:

The Issues

A business starts selling a product that they either import and resell or make themselves and sell online.  The business starts at home but quickly grows and with success comes the issue of space for the storage of stock not to mention somewhere to work from as invariably what was once a desk is now so stacked with product it’s hard to see the computer screen let alone a chair to sit in front of it on.

The Solution

At Storage World we have a number of businesses operating from our premises whose online businesses have expanded to a point where they had to find a solution to the above problem of needing to be near their stock and needing to have office space at the same location.

As well as domestic Self Storage, we also have business storage, commercial storage, office space which allows businesses to move in quickly and flexibly with no minimum contract terms but in addition to this, once on site, usually your business will grow more and where better to grow it than a facility that has differing sized storage solutions to expand again, again and again.

The Conclusion

If you’re at a point where you know your business needs to take the next step and move out of your home, where better to move to than Storage World that can expand organically with your business and keep expanding to fit your growing requirements.  So you only need to make one move to Storage World.

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