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About Storage World

Storage World is one of the best known Self Storage & Workspace brands in Greater Manchester and across the North West. Our business works with both private individuals and businesses. We are synonymous with great modern facilities and first class service levels. If you are looking for high-quality storage, vital office or work space, we’d like to provide the solution that exactly matches your needs.

Anyone can store. In fact, over 250,000 people do in the UK today. The process is fairly simple and our terms are designed to be flexible. Contact your nearest store today and please allow us to show you how we can help meet your requirements and deliver the service you expect. Our stores are conveniently located, are open 7-days a week and offer a range of different room configurations.

Which of these best describes you?

  • You may be a new, expanding, or short-of-space local business seeking out conveniently-located office or storage space in Manchester
  • You could be a home owner with a growing family who needs that little extra storage space that your spare room used to provide
  • You could be needing to put some key items in storage as you travel or after moving house

For these, or any other storage or space needs, here at Storage World­ we will work with you to provide exactly what you need.

Take a moment to look below to find what some of our customers think about the service we provide when they require Storage, Self-Storage, Workspace or Office Space.

If travelling into Manchester, you may have spotted us on your way into or out of the city. We are the large yellow building so conveniently located at the City Centre end of Ashton Old Road. Our Middleton Store is centrally located, next door to the iconic Middleton Arena and just behind Tesco’s.

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Start storing at Storage World

Whether you’re moving house, travelling the world, or making some home improvements, let Storage World make it easy for you. Find out how we can help keep your most treasured possessions secure and easily accessible for as long as you need us by calling us today!

Do you need space to help your business grow? Conveniently located near Manchester City Centre, we have the ideal solution for your company. Whether you need storage for stock, paperwork, archive material or large items, find out how easy it is to store with Storage World

Hiring a workspace with Storage World helps create the most efficient service you can for your customers. Whether you need space for stock, preparing orders or as your registered trading location, find out more about our flexible, secure and accessible workspace solutions


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