Student Storage

Putting items in Storage has two big benefits for Students 1) it’s a space you can use all year round away from Student Accommodation and 2) a space you can use using the Summer Breaks instead of taking items “back home” It’s not only an easy solution, but highly convenient.

For years Students from Manchester Metropolitan University, The University of Manchester, Manchester Business School, The Manchester College and Xaverian College having been Storing with Storage World, often staying during the first Summer Break and returning in the following years.

We have all the space you need and provide you with your own, individual, safe and secure, modern Self Storage unit. You can store all the items you need when you return to the City or perhaps share the space with a friend.

Students tend to store boxes, bicycles, suitcases, small furniture and so on. Many students pre-book their unit ahead of their move in date, helping to simplify the transition from Student Accommodation to all the fun things the Summer Break has instore.

Storage Units start at £10 per week and it’s often the smallest ones we have the meet the needs of our Student customers from all over the world.

Talk to a Storage World Adviser today who will explain the process and help you make a good decision. They are specially trained to match you to our best value offer and to ensure you get the very best when storing with us.

Space Guide

Our handy size guide below helps you visualise some of our small to medium units.

25 square foot storage container
25 sq ft

Similar in size to a Garden Shed A large car or small vans worth of stuff Up to 60 archive or medium boxes. Find out more here

35 square foot storage container
35 sq ft

The contents of a one bedroomed flat A typical vans worth of stuff Up to 100 archive or medium boxes

50 square foot storage container
50 sq ft

The contents of a 1-2 bedroom flat Half a typical garage in size Up to 125 archive or medium boxes

75 square foot storage container
75 sq ft

The contents of a 1-2 bedroom house Two full van loads of stuff Up to 175 archive or medium boxes

100 square foot storage container
100 sq ft

The contents of a 2 bedroom house Three full van loads of stuff Up to 225 archive or medium boxes

150 square foot storage container
150 sq ft

The contents of a 4 bedroom house Five full van loads of stuff Up to 350 archive or medium boxes

200 square foot storage container
200 sq ft

The contents of a 5 bedroom house Seven or eight full van loads of stuff Almost 500 achieve or medium boxes