Secure Document Storage

Finding a secure home for those vital documents, key files, reports and archived material, is both an essential business need and part of your legal obligation. We recognise this and have developed a Storage solution that is both local, convenient, safe, flexible and cost efficient. We will provide a friendly and professional service at a fraction of the cost of office space. Indeed, we are often less than 50% of the true cost of City Centre Office space you could be putting to better use.

The benefits you gain from choosing Storage World­ Document Storage

  • We can easily arrange a fast move in (same day if necessary)
  • Clean, modern, bright and dry storage
  • Unlimited and easy access whenever you need it
  • Room size suitable for need, that you can increase or decrease as needs change
  • Flexible agreements from a minimum of 2-weeks
  • No retrieval or access fees
  • The constant reassurance of 24/7 CCTV security
  • You are limiting the employees that can access, so keeping items safer
  • Through partnerships, we can also offer a scan or shed service

Important advice for your archive storage

We would like to offer a couple of helpful tips to allow you to gain maximum benefit from your use of our facility.

  1. We will provide you with all the boxes you need for storage – but always use robust boxes designed for the purpose
  2. Create and use a labelling system that is easily understandable to anyone who may be asked to later retrieve some material
  3. Create a log of the contents of your boxes
  4. Store the important stuff near the front of the unit – more accessible
  5. Have a document retention policy i.e. know what you store and how long you must retain (see below)
  6. Fill boxes fully, that way they stack better and make best use of the vertical space
  7. Invest in racking to further maximise the cubic capacity of the room – we can supply and install

You can find more useful advice and hints on our FAQ’s

Room sizes vary upon need. Today we have customers storing archive boxes and filing cabinets, effectively using their storage room as their office stationary / storage cupboard. This includes everything from event equipment, the office Christmas decorations and of course paper documents that must be legally retained. The smallest number of boxes we can store is 1, however most customers start with at least 20. The highest number of archive boxes we hold for one client is a little over 3,500, so all manner of needs are catered for.

How long must you keep documents for? Some examples are listed below:-

  • Accounts Payable Ledgers – 7 Years
  • Bank Statements – 7 Years
  • Safety Records – 6 Years
  • Accounts Receivable Ledgers – 7 Years
  • Contracts & Leases – Permanently
  • Training Manuals – Permanently
  • Training Manuals – Permanently
  • Employment Applications
  • Purchase Orders – 5 Years
  • Deeds & Mortgages – 5 Years