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At Storage World, we provide so much more than just storage space. Our facilities have much larger, purpose-built units which serve as a functional, versatile and affordable workshop space.

Leasing commercial property can be very expensive, and tying. Being locked into a contract can mean certain business decisions are difficult to make. Often businesses are required to choose premises during peak demand and carry that level of cost. Yet, we know our service allows for a more versatile alternative. If your business is fairly new or small in size, then committing to a 12-month lease for your workshop may be inadvisable as the future may be uncertain. Finding workshop space to rent short-term can be difficult and even if you do happen to find appropriate space, renting for a shorter period of time can often come with a surcharge.

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That’s why at Storage World, we’ve endeavoured to create a practical, reliable and affordable solution to workshop space, by enabling businesses to carry out their work within our robust, built-for-purpose storage units. The major benefit of this is the scaling opportunity, as there are no contracts to tie you in and you’re free to move up or down in size as per your requirements, so you simply pay for the space you use, for however long you wish to use it.

We specialise in helping businesses to thrive through our commercial property solution and currently house over 300 businesses across our three storage facility sites. We host businesses and entrepreneurs from a multitude of industries and have over 100 employees from various businesses working from our facilities on a daily basis. So whether you’re a sole trader doing business on your own, or you have a team of recruits in toe, we’re happy to invite you to call Storage World the home and headquarters of your business.

If your work is manual, which is a likely prospect if you’re in the market for workshop space, then opting to use a storage unit as your creative hub helps you to keep your work away from home, providing a dedicated space to master your craft and serve your customers and clients. Having a base to work out of ensures that you’re able to expand your capacity, by having plenty of room to take on projects and service the needs of your customers in a timely manner. It also provides for a greater work life balance.

Our storage units are versatile, so whether its niche or large craft that you specialise in, whether you build, design, retail, wholesale or all of the above, or you simply just need some extra space to expand your business, then we’d be delighted to provide you with the perfect workshop space.

Why self-storage makes an ideal workshop space

Using storage space as your workshop helps to keep costs down, providing an alternative to leasing expensive commercial space, and enables small businesses to take their work away from their home and have a true base to focus their efforts. The space is completely flexible, with no maximum or minimum terms of occupancy to consider and you can take on smaller or bigger space as and when you need to, or cease operating from our facility at any time without any penalty fees.

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Having this flexibility can provide peace of mind and means that you are able to simply trial having your own workshop space to determine whether it is something you truly need. Having the space to carry out your work in larger volumes enables you to scale more quickly and efficiently and ensure you can continue to satisfy customer or clients needs time and time again.

Why choose Storage World for your workshop space?

At Storage World, we already have a number of successful businesses utilising our units as workshop space – service maintenance & repair businesses, retailers, events companies, charities, e-commerce, wholesalers and those who wish to store documents, surplus stock, equipment or resources that can be utilised by local field-based teams. We house workshops for businesses across a whole spectrum of industries. We’re rated highly across all of Greater Manchester and by our many business tenants too, offering a state-of-the-art storage and workspace facility, with round-the-clock security and incredibly competitive prices.

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This gives you peace of mind when first beginning a business to know that you can afford to have a premises to operate from, because if anything should go wrong, there will be no big bill to pay for months on end until your rental agreement is finally terminated. At Storage World, we offer several types of workspace in a range of sizes, and you’re welcome to operate your business with us even if you have a band of employees too.

In our stores, we currently have many small businesses successfully running out of our units, across a range of industries. Whether you own an online ecommerce business and need a place to store your stock, or you have a traditional brick-and-mortar retail store, our units are ideal for stock storage as you can have racks installed to utilise the full horizontal and vertical space of the unit, making it highly cost effective.

We also offer office space, with access to Wi-Fi and kitchen and WC facilities on site too, to ensure your business remains compliant with welfare legislation. Own a more hands-on business? You can gladly use our units are workshop space to create, build, or do whatever you need to do for your business. The options are endless and we’re always happy to welcome a new team on board. With over 100 people regarding each of our facilities as their principal workbase, you’ll be joining a great, successful and efficient small business community.

Key Features

  • Over 800 storage rooms across three sites ranging in size from 10sq ft to 250 sq ft
  • 300 bulk storage rooms from 250 to 1500 sq ft
  • External drive-ups for easy access
  • Yard parking spaces
  • Male & Female WC
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Packaging materials & racks
  • Power outlets within units

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Do you require workshop space? Get in touch with us today and tell us about your business. We can help guide you towards the perfect unit for you, tailored specifically to your requirements and budget to ensure you are happy with the space and price given. To receive our best price, give us a call:

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