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Secure, reliable units across Manchester

All Storage World stores are state of the art facilities, purposely designed for safely storing a vast variety of items. We have over 20 years’ experience in offering safe storage facilities for people and business’s treasured belongings.

Each of our stores, which are located across Greater Manchester, have a number of different safety and security features which is why thousands of customers have trusted us to store some of their most valuable items. We also work closely with the Self Storage Association (SSA) and local Fire and Police forces to keep up to date with ever advancing regulations.

In this post, we detail exactly what it is that makes storing your items with us safe, both in terms of security and the protection and preservation of your items.

What makes storing with us so safe?

Secure Storage Facilities

We provide safe storage units of all different sizes, from 25sqft up to 200sqft, depending on what you are looking to store. The unit that you rent will be your own personal storage space, you will need to lock with your own personal padlock (which we can provide) ensuring that only you can access it. The storage units are also designed so that only you are able to see what is in your unit, giving you additional privacy and security. As the storage unit occupant, you will be the only key holder, however multiple keys can be provided should more than one person need to access your unit.

24 hour CCTV

To keep your belongings extra safe, all of our stores are monitored by CCTV cameras, both internally and externally. All external areas and access points including emergency exits are monitored and recorded. Outside of reception hours, we have an external security firm that monitors the CCTV system and intruder alarms, so your unit is protected around-the-clock. All access points are fitted with intruder alarms should someone try to access the building without permission.


All of our facilities have internal and external lighting providing extra safety when dark, for both tenants and our colleagues. To minimise electrical usage, the internal corridors of our stores are fitted with motion sensor lighting. Each of our storage units over 150sqft are also fitted with their own light whilst power outlets are available for use in corridors. Should you wish to supply additional or alternative lighting, we can facilitate the installation.

Perimeter fencing and external access gates

All Storage World facilities have secure perimeter fencing and access gates, which can only be opened with a specialist fob provided when you first sign up to rent your unit. This ensures that only people with a storage unit can access the facility. Through this fob, we can also trace who has accessed the building and at what time this was, to help us investigate any thefts (which are a very rare occurrence!) or inform you if you feel someone may have entered your unit unauthorised.

Storage World staff onsite everyday of the week

During reception opening hours we have staff on-site to help keep your belongings safe and secure. The staff keep check of what and who is coming into the store, as well as when they are doing so to provide extra security. Having specialist security staff on-site also ensures that we are able to act quickly to potential issues to lessen damage in the event of ‘disaster’ and prevent theft.

Fire Protection

Fire poses one of the greatest risks to a storage facility, which is why we take no chances in ensuring that all of our facilities have up to date fire protection systems. Working with local and national fire authorities, we have designed our stores and procedures to ensure that the risk of fire is minimal. All our stores have fire and smoke detection systems, warning anyone in the building if there is an issue and also immediately alerting the emergency services. The safety of our customers and their belongings is the most important thing to us and our business.

We strictly prohibit the storage of any flammable, explosive or combustible materials such as fireworks, chemicals, oil, gas cylinders or tyres. Our store staff carry out regular walk-arounds to check that customers are not moving dangerous items in and out of storage or carrying out any activities which could pose a fire or security risk.

Insurance coverage

Although we have all of the preventative measures mentioned above in place, there are certain unpredictable events for which we can’t guarantee the protection of your goods against, such as fire and flooding, and for this reason we make it mandatory that all customers have self storage insurance. This ensures that you have complete peace of mind that all of your valuable items are covered in the unlikely event that the worst should ever happen.

For more information or to get a free no obligation quote for the safe storage of your belongings, visit our self storage overview or contact one of our friendly storage advisors today.

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